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to anna

 投稿者:livestock  投稿日:2005年11月 7日(月)04時54分55秒
  hi anna,
            On the first hand, a profuse thanks for sharing your opinion with me.
it was very insightful.Upon reading your write-up, i found that your theory revolves around the survival of the fittest theme.At the grass-root level, this theory implies the strong beating up the weak and gaining power.But, this is with reference to reality. Here, we are just acting our fantasies out which are definitely way different from the harsh realities of life.What is the basic need for a submissive to accept and meekly succumb to the cruelty meted out by a mistress? As far as i ve seen, the male slave in ym18 for most part is in constant pain and suffering and never in pleasure.dont tell me that he is acting his fantasies out. Therefore, i feel although the yapoo is a visual delight to watch (anna, i was indeed fascinated and turned on during the entire course of the movie) , the male slaves pay too big a price for it.

Why "livestock" ?
                    this is a bbs where i believe dominant women interact with submissive men.Belonging to the latter, i believe the name "livestock" is quite apt in the sense it not only reflects on my submissive mind but also relates to the yapoo theme. And yes, i would love to act in a yapoo film but i myself doubt the veracity of my statement.i dont know whether i ll be able to withstand the physical abuse and the scat.if i can, i ll definitely act in one.

Awaiting your reply,

Yours truly,

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