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to my dear Redboy

 投稿者:Anna75aメール  投稿日:2005年11月 6日(日)23時32分21秒
  Hi my Redboy! You know I like you. I like the way you reflect your feelings, the way you express your thoughts. I think there is a vivid mind behind. Lets make a test! (Hee hee you know I like tests).

I don’t believe that you adore each and every woman equal. I bet there are types of women you don’t like at all. So, now imagine one of the worst. Imagine she would sit in a chair while you are kneeling in front of her. Now she pulls off her sweaty stockings and you see that all her nails are crumbled with fungal disease. So, now tell me what in the world could make you suck those toes willingly? I bet nothing and nobody. Because, this disillusioned/ugly vision has nothing to do with your submission feelings. Now read again what Benjamin has translated for us:

I had the experience; A slave said to me " Mistress Naomi, please don ' t do such A thing to me. Ohhh IN my image, you are not the mistress who wants to behave IN that way ". Is this joke? If the slave asks me IN that way, he should take my photograph back to his home and should worship me IN the photo all his life.

I think, this is the big mistake almost every submissive man is doing. They believe a Mistress is pleased and satisfied by that what the sub offers willingly. And those who offer more believe they are the better slaves. And obviously they are right because the whole BDSM scene seems to work in that way. (and therefore it was and is boring for me). Expanding one slave’s limit in this way means to make him take more and more of those things he likes.

I would have been disappointed if Naomi had written something like that in her concept. I wouldn’t have seen her as free but caught in the trap of the usual rules of BDSM. But she is really free. When she says her slave is no human anymore than he really is no human  at last less than an animal  just a yapoo.

And a yapoo would suck any toe willingly. And as I like you redboy and your vivid mind, I wouldn’t like to see you as a yapoo. A vivid mind is the best protection anyway. But be aware, maybe you get an email from Naomi. You might be an interesting challenge for her

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