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to Livestock

 投稿者:Anna75aメール  投稿日:2005年11月 6日(日)23時24分28秒
  Sure, seen with “normal” eyes it is scary to watch how a human gets turned into a yapoo. Watching how a human being is getting destroyed just for some moments of fun for another human. But isn’t that just life that the strong one is using/misusing the weaker one. Every animal wants to live  but do we care much about that? In opposite, are we not kind of fascinated when we see how a lion is chasing and killing its booty? I understand, that you were shocked seeing this great yapoo vid # 18 but I bet you also felt this kind of fascination. Otherwise you hardly would have seen the vid up to the end.

Also I don’t think that Naomi is a cold-hearted person. I do believe that she is a kind and friendly person in general. But when she is on her prowl she turns into a hunter, feeling her power, her excitement that is demanding satisfaction. And then she is using her talents  merciless  while we watching her breathless. Just see, a Boxer also might be a kind and friendly person but when fighting in the ring he only has the wish to knock out the other one.
Sure, a submissive man once in the claws of the hunting Naomi has less chances to escape. But at least once he is trained well and turned into her yapoo he is happy again as her livestock. You have chosen “Livestock” as your nickname. Why? Are you dreaming about to become Naomi’s yapoo No.X?

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