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Thank you Benjamin

 投稿者:Anna75aメール  投稿日:2005年11月 6日(日)23時19分4秒
  WOW Benjamin! You are GREAT! Thank you so much. Please don’t hesitate to translate what you think it could be of interest for us. And yes, I also would like to read the part you skipped about toilet training.

And it turned out exactly like I thought. Naomi is special  completely different from other Mistresses so far I ever saw. The main message for me is:
The real mistress is the ABSOLUTE EXISTANCE for the slave, That he can feels through many factors, such as respect, the fascination. It is nonsense to get THE ABSOLUTE EXISTANCE by paying money. If you are satisfied to get it with money, I have to say there is A big difference between us IN the sense of values.

Naomi has just developed a common womanly talent (and desire) up to a top level. And that is not just made with beauty but needs intelligence, power and a free mind. A mind that is not restricted/restrained by that what we think is reality. “For one who only has a hammer all things looks like nails”

A fetishist is tied up to his fetish. Naomi says she is free. That means, that she is not really into fetishes like shit, whipping, riding and caging a man. The sensation/excitement is that SHE CAN DO IT TO HIM because she is his Goddess. The slave left behind all what was important for him in his former life just to give his Goddess some moments of (sexual) joy. SHE made him to feel that way. SHE trained him to become a yapoo. And she got orgasms when she felt: “He was no longer human, but just one low creature”. THAT WAS HER GOAL. To make him eat shit is just a proof that she has achieved to what she aimed. But she still wants more. The yapoo has to be happy with its new life. The yapoo should have no other wishes than to please its Goddess. Has no other desire than to feel through her. THIS is dominance on highest level!

Me and become a Mistress:
Told you here that yapoo vids opened up my mind. Before I thought not much about this subject and did even less. I also confessed that this subject now turns me on. But that doesn’t mean that I had a boring life before. And I still know many other things one can do with men instead of torture them. Also I like romantic evenings/nights with my girlfriends. So I don’t intend to give the Mistress thing more time of my life. BTW: I still meet my Test-slave once or two times the week and we make a good progress.

Thank you again for your good translation. I hope we don’t give you too much stress. Just do what you are able and willing to do. Would you tell me why you have chosen “Benjamin” as your nickname?

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