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naomi's sadism

 投稿者:livestock  投稿日:2005年11月 5日(土)03時30分43秒
  hello everybody,
This is my first post and i would like to your opinions on this subject:
the level of cold-hearted torture and sadism that naomi mets out on her slaves....doesnt it frighten u guyz? The first yapoo video i watched is ym18 and these scenes scared the shit outta me.
1. goddess naomi stubs out 3 cigarettes on her helpless slave without any pity at all..
2. she mercilessly whips the shit out of him despite his heart-wrenching cries
3. she has him in painful bondage throughout the film
                     After watching this video i couldnt first stomach the fact that women could be so cruel even if it upon a man's insistence. Last but not the least, although the level of scat play in these films is acceptible, the physical abuse meted to these male slave is bound to send shivers down the spines of many submissive slaves in america.
awaiting anna's and redboy's reply,

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