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Mistress Naom's Concept

 投稿者:Benjamin  投稿日:2005年11月 5日(土)01時56分33秒
  Dear Anna, Redboy and Yapoo video fans
Thank you very much for your response.  I translated the Naomi's Concept as follows.  I hope this could help you understand her concept.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------
1. PSP (Psychological SM Playing)
Why does the mistress whip the slave, wearing the black costume made of enameled leather and high heels?  Why dose the slave crawl around on the floor, bound with a collar?  Did this image come from the fusion of the fashion and excessive information through mass media?  Speaking my personal opinion about the SM, I am never satisfied the above image. I had the experience; a slave said to me “Mistress Naomi, please don’t do such a thing to me.  Ohhh  In my image, you are not the mistress who wants to behave in that way”.   Is this joke?  If the slave asks me in that way, he should take my photograph back to his home and should worship me in the photo all his life.   I’m free and enjoy SM play, even when wearing pajama without cosmetic.   However, some slaves still adore and obey me.  I understand that the superficial beauty and fetish the mistress wears sometimes play very important part in the SM scene, because they are one part of the mistress.   However, I request stronger & deeper ties between me and slave.     There is the play and time for us, base on such strong ties.   The real mistress is the ABSOLUTE EXISTANCE for the slave, that he can feels through many factors, such as respect, fascination.   It is nonsense to get THE ABSOLUTE EXISTANCE by paying money.   If you are satisfied to get it with money, I have to say there is a big difference between us in the sense of values.

2. This site is for satisfying my own sadistic desire and my opinion about the SM world. And this site is also for all who agree to my thought.   The imaginary would is free and open, in which there isn’t impossibility or possibility, there is no one or nothing to prevent any imagination.    However, we spend most of our time in the real world for our life.   Please recognize that you can raise your own desire here in this site without any other disturbance.

3. To women who have sadistic desires
Though this massage is also to myself, please don’t spare pains to sophisticate yourself, soul, body and knowledge.      Don’t force the slave to serve, make the slave to serve of his own will.  The first training for the slave is to develop in his mind the feeling that he is willing to serve and obey the mistress (you), even if he has to sacrifice everything and has to drop down anywhere for you.    It is important that you are worth being served and adored.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------

Mistress Naomi sometimes uses the word “ THE ABOLUTE EXISTANCE”, which could be the key word to understand her world.   She explains about the training of Rintaro in the interview of the magazine “ Mistress Bible No 3”  The title of the article is “How to make the human toilet” which is vary stimulating to the submissive men like me.       The essence of the article is;
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------
I got to know Rintaro through Internet and we talked about our dreams about SM world through E-mail.   At that time he had his wife and his job, but he divorced and quit working to realize our dream.   While I rent the room in the mansion and built the cage to confine Rintaro in the room.  This was the chance for me to treat the slave (Rintaro) as my possession.  Before training Rintaro, I had one aim, which was to change Rintaro from “ submissive man to worship sadistic woman” to “ livestock to worship human”.  One of the training to make him Yapoo, is “eating shit”.

(Mistress Naomi explains about how she trained Rintaro to be her human toilet, but I would like to skip this part.)

Rintaro got to be able to eat my shit, avoiding nausea in two months after he was confined.   One day, I saw Rintaro on his hands and knees eating my shit on the dish with his head out of the cage, which reminded me of the greedy livestock.    I felt he was no longer human, but just one low creature.  At that time, orgasm came and I could not keep standing any more.   Through “eating shit”, the mistress (Naomi) had become THE ABSOLUTE EXISTANCE for the livestock (Rintaro).   THE ABSOLUTE EXISTANCE has several meanings.    One of them is that the mistress has the right to select the livestock to be alive or dead.   Another of them is that the livestock is willing to obey and serve THE ABSOLUTE EXISTANCE, even if he has to sacrifice everything for her and no matter how cruel end is waiting for him.  The play with only hipping and bondage sometimes leads to pretended domination.
The fact that the mistress is worth being adored and served is important.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------

I think “eating shit” has special meaning for Mistress Naomi.  Shit and piss may taste bad, as Anna mentioned before.  And usually we cannot get them, however, the slave has to eat and drink them, if his adoring mistress hopes it.  And at the moment, the both mistress and slave can felt the absolute domination.

By the way, the latest Naomi’s Information says that the foreign (not Japanese) mistress, whose name is Victoria, will appear in the new Yapoo video.   She is the first foreign lady to appear the Yapoo video.   I look forward to seeing her in the video.   I believe that Anna could be the second, if she just wants.  Because she is so beautiful and sophisticated that she is definitely worth being adored, worshiped and served.   And I like and respect her attitude to positively challenge everything.   All Yapoo fans, how do you feel ?

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