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sorry Sexicon

 投稿者: Anna75aメール  投稿日:2005年11月 1日(火)05時54分33秒
  Sorry Sexicon, you are right, it is not on me to judge about others desire. It is just  as I am pretty open minded and very curious and a bit silly  that I once have tasted just a finger tip full of my shit and it shook my body through and through with disgust. Also my pee didnt taste much better. Hee hee maybe it is because I am not a Goddess. However, I dont have the right to name someone insane only because they have a rare desire. Sorry again. BTW for me it is not less disgusting to picture that a man shoots his sticky gooey cum all over my face or even have me to swallow it. But mill. people like that and think it is quite normal. So if it is not criminal everyone has the right to desire whatever they want.

Benjamin! Your explanations about Yapoo thrilled me. That gives OUR Yapoo a much better background and understanding. Hee hee that it began just in Germany is funny too. And it fit to my theory and somehow to my experience during the last week, that Clara by and by got used to the comfortable life to the service to the state of being a Goddess and lost on this way by and by what Rinichiro once meant to her. I believe this development of Clara is much more human like than we like to believe. We like to believe that we are heroes with a stable personality. But is that really realistic for the most of us? I dont think so. I really would love to read the book of Yapoo. I believe one could learn a lot about humans psychology. Even though I dont share your desires guys I do share your fascination for the Yapoo movies and for the amazing Naomi.

I confess  when I read how you guys adore and worship her  I feel pleased too only because I am also a female. So HOW DEEP must be her satisfaction when she is reading how you long for being her slave  her Yapoo. I would like to hear from you all which Yapoo Movie and which part of it you like most. What you would feel if you could be the man in these part. What would you feel if you hear the steps outside, the key in the door  knowing your Mistress comes home  do you fear this moment  do you long for it  or both?

Something else, Bejamin. You seems to be able to read Japanese and you are perfect in English. On Naomis website: http://www.ucatv.ne.jp/~toyoaki/index2.htm

She writes something about her concept. I made a translation by Google but that gives less sense. You would do me a big favour (and I bet to many here) if you would find the time to translate it for us.

Thank you guys for your kind words to my comments. Yes I do like to discuss with Redboy. It goes up and down but it is always interesting. Sometimes we are in accordance sometimes I disagree. So his last remark, that only a few man would be willing to give up their future for an unhappy love. That is right, only a few would be WILLING. But I bet Naomi could make lots of men change their will. But now I have to leave. Next time more about.

This site becomes really interesting. Thanks to all of you.

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