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Yapoo Human Livestock novel

 投稿者:redboyメール  投稿日:2005年10月28日(金)22時37分18秒
  Many thanks from me too Benjamin for your very helpful and informative article about the meaning and origin of the name "Yapoo" and its background relevance to Mistress Naomi Asano's superb videos.I enjoyed reading your summary very much. I did not know that the movies were based on the novel,nor did I notice that each male slave is given a Yapoo plus serial number on the video cover!

Your comment that the novel selects the readers makes sense to me. I guess Yapoo movies select and attract their own particular audience too - males like me who are lured by their power.I find it exciting that Mistress Naomi Asano has said she and her Mistresses can mold and shape their male slaves by way of bondage devices and punishment to respond and perform according to their wishes, as in the Yapoo Human Livestock novel.I think I would like to be in their world of Yeath with my own Yapoo number. The lovely Anna mentioned addiction which can be relevant but I wonder of there many men who have given up their future for a woman they have fallen in love with and want to please, even if their love is unrequited and their desire not relieved! Some people do things differently and live in an unorthodox and experimental way, for example artists and writers and billionaires!

It is a pity I cannot understand Japanese yet (although I am learning!) because I would love to know what Mistress Naomi Asano says in her movies YM-24 and YM-55 which I have. In both cases she teaches and shows many Mistresses how to punish and use a male slave, often very cruelly. Some of the scenes planned for the slave are brilliant, No wonder Yapoo films are so exceptional! So thank you Benjamin for explaining Mistress Naomi Asano's idea and theme for her movies.I  can understand and enjoy the them now even more! I will try and find the book by Shouzo Numa too!

May I mention too for Humantoiletslave that there are some excellent Yapoo movie photospreads here on Aosuk's great website -


and on one of the link sites for Mistress Naomi Asano -


The photos are all from Yapoo movies and related scenes from what I can see. They look better in the movies of course - there are so many more I want to get! And I think Yapoo are going to have a brand new issue soon too. Hope you enjoy them and have a good weekend!

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