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 投稿者:Sexicon  投稿日:2006年11月12日(日)05時01分46秒
  Hi, All
I agree with Anon that Rintaro is one of the best eaters of ogon. He does not cough up and spoil the beautiful dresses of the Angels who feeds him, as some of them do. One eater coughed up on Naomi and dirtied her beautiful dress, and she gave him a lashing for it.  The scene at the end of 22 where the beautiful girl sits on a chair with a young man's head in the seat held in place by a leather strapbehind his head.  She places her beautiful ass right in his mouth and force feeds him with powerful pushes. He cannot move and has to make room for the delicious deposits. When she gets up, his mouth is full of her gold. I like scenes like that.

There is another beauty in 33 who can release very long ass blessings. A devoted consumer under her chair fills himself with her good deposits. She is so gentle as she slowly fills him up. Am waiting for another of Naomi's videos. She is the best.
I am also thinking about how Yapoo got started. The book by Shozo Numa certainly got things going, and his book sold in great quantities in Japan. But the Japanese women have taken the concept to another level of beauty and grace that is far superior to any European videos. They make shitting such a beautiful art form. Of course there are other videos that seem to do great harm to some beautiful Japanese girls. They are prepared for something good, and then they are strapped down and force fed male shit. One can see their distress and torment as they are forced to eat the lshit. Nothing nice. Makes me wonder if they are real Japanese women. And I am still waiting to hear from Anna about how she made out with her two(or three) beautiful companions and her aspiring Yapoo.

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