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Lazy board

 投稿者:Sexicon  投稿日:2006年10月17日(火)11時39分51秒
  Dear Anna,
My computer was down for a week. It is repaired now. Hope your trip to London was successful. I don't think the board is lazy. Seems that everyone wants to talk to a woman, and you in particular. Redboy and Squirrel, what can we do to get Anna back. We need to have conversations between ourselves as well as conversations with Anna. I am waiting to hear from you, nna, about your experience with the Yapoo that you and your lovely companions had charge of during most of this year. He is a celebrity now because of what he learned from you three. Will he remain that way, or is there something for him in the future? Will he be Yapoo always? Redboy, I am glad you are doing better, and hope you are completely well by now. Has anyone had clarified water? Here is how it works. Drink three full glasses of water and pass it out. Then drink three more glasses and pass it out. You will notice the urine getting clearer and clearer. After a third time, the urine should be as clear as crystal. It is clear water by then. That is clarified water. Drink it and see if it doesn't taste like water. Add a little ice and sugar and you have a lovely drink. In this way you can avoid the danger of strong urine affecting your teeth. Love you Anna. You are still wonderful and beautiful. Come back.

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