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for redboy, a fellow Sydneysider

 投稿者:squirrelメール  投稿日:2006年10月 4日(水)10時17分12秒
  Dear Redboy
Thank you for your instructions on how to post a message. I have long been fascinated with the yapoo videos and website, and was interested to see your experiences with an Australian supermarket, as I too, live in Sydney. I lived in Japan for a year and a half, and although i don't read Japanese, I can understand some. I saw that you were interested in knowing what was said in one of the videos. If you like, we could get together and watch it and maybe I could translate for you. I also have a number of yapoo videos which you could see as well. Furthermore, I have a Japanese dominatrix friend who visited me in Sydney at the time of Mardi Gras - a Mistress Amrita. If she comes to Australia again, she would be avaiable to give sessions (as a professional), so I can put you in touch with her as well if you are interested.
Get in touch through here if you'd like and we can take it from there.

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