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Redboy is back!!!

 投稿者:Anna75aメール  投稿日:2006年 9月26日(火)01時52分19秒
  Mmmmmhhh redboy is back. The senior speeker of this board. And Sexicon who taught us something about “femdom religion”is back too. And now we have boy who is very welcomed to the club of the “10+ sentence speekers”. You make me kind of feeling at home here. And all above we have our supervisor  the unrivalled outstanding personality  Naomi.

Gruess Gott, redboy, ich freue mich dich hier wieder zu sehen. I am so sorry to hear that you had a serious sickness  and that from normal food. If you would have got that from eating shit from one of your dream girls you had at last known for what it was good. But, who knows, how the story with those Japanese friends develops. The first step you have made. And you did well to behave and don’t shock them with your desires right to the beginning.
Is there a husband to the “strongly-build” mother? If not, why don’t you invite her to a Japanese food restaurant? Just as a thank you for her friendly support. She won’t think anything else but believe that you are a kind guy (what you are anyway) And if she declines  out of what reason ever  you could ask her if she would mind if you ask her daughters. A better and more innocent looking reason you will never get. But maybe you have already done that.

Hee hee do you know that I have a little bit suspected that you are in real the friend who gave me the Yapoo CDs. Because around the time you left the board that poor guy screwed up his courage and asked me stammering and crimson face, if I ever would consider to take him like Naomi. As I was busy teaching my slave to that time I answered with a firm “NO” and away he was.

BTW: Do you think that Benjamin and Gever and others bought the same food in the same super-market as you did? Because they disappeared around the same time like you did.

Sexicon: To answer your most important question first. YES! I am still GORGEOUS and BEAUTIFUL! At least I hope so. Have you doubts about that? :- (((

After seeing all those Japanese “girls next door” who treated the men in the yapoo movies cruel and merciless, I began to suspect that there is a cruel side in almost every woman  including me. We are not aware of that  until a wake up call comes. Naomi and her movies were such a wake up call for me. The rules of society demanded a womanly type of sweet wife and loving mother. But it is only a matter of time until women will discover the lust of dominance.

Sorry, but I have to interrupt here because I have work left to do and tomorrow I have to go to London. I will stay there for a week or so. So it will last a little time until I am back here again.

Boy: please tell me more about your experience as a toilet. Please don’t be shy and tell me if you really ate shit and how that tastes for you. I give you a link. There are some stories to read for free about male toilets. Hope you will enjoy that.


Byeeeee for now


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