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Down to three and growing

 投稿者:Sexiconメール  投稿日:2006年 9月23日(土)08時52分25秒
  Dear Anna,
Just the three of us getting started again, but we will be growing, expecially with you back. Sorry to hear of your near death experience, Redboy, and glad you recovered. Keep well. Must have been some powerful food that you ate.
Anna, you and your friends decided to let your Yapoo go. Too much bother. Does not seem that he was tortured and broken, but he even gets away. He is lucky in two respects: lucky to get away without being broken, and lucky that he has become something of a celebrity. He has achieved Sub-Standing in the community. Maybe he can make a living, now that he has discovered that he has a service that is in demand among the women. Man, he is very lucky. Earlier in our conversations, you spoke of how badly the women of the world are treated by men, and that you would not make a Yapoo of a woman, though making a man into a Yapoo was OK. Did you develop some feelings for men by your experience with your slave? I admire you for not wishing to be the dumping ground for a man's ejection. And I agree that women have a divine quality that men do not seem to have. That is why I said earlier that the Japanese men discovered KAMI and responded with utter worship and devotion. And such worship and devotion is essentially Shinto. Redboy seems to have discovered it and is ready to worship the Japanese Gods of Shinto,the Women of Japan. I hope I am not misrepresenting Redboy. Please let me know if I am.
Anna, did the slave resist you or any of the other goddesses. Was he subservient, or did you all have a hard time teaching him? How has this new experience affected you? Any changes in you? You are still gorgeous and beautiful. Thanks for that wonderful Kissssssssssssssssss.

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