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That was quick

 投稿者:Anna75aメール  投稿日:2006年 9月20日(水)03時26分37秒
  Hi Sexicon  wow that was a quick reply  and see how intimate it here is: Only you and boy and me. Maybe in this privacy boy would tell us a bit more about his experiences. I guess Sexicon you would underline what boy says: That serving as a toilet is the ultimate form of showing subservience. You know I like this attitude when men show devotion to the womanhood. It feels like a compliment. In my eyes this ennobles the act of adoration  no matter what it is. On the other hand I dislike and don’t respect men who see women as something they can empty their balls with.

But to make things round, also the women has to show an adequate attitude. For that Naomi is all-time the best example. She can be cruel beyond imagination but she never loses the attitude of being a Goddess. Whatever she asks from her slaves, even when she shits, it is never vulgar, she is the perfect Goddess. If you have seen yapoo 57 than you can see the difference. Those blonde European is no Goddess at all. She is just a horny bitch bad acting a Goddess. So boy, was it a professional or did you serve a woman (women?) in a private atmosphere? Did you also eat shit? Wasn’t that a problem? At least to the beginning?

To your question Sexicon. No, I don’t have that slave anymore. I set him free. To enslave a man is a very exciting experience but to be responsible for a slave 24/7 is at last a burden. Even though the 3 of us shared in that task the dullness rose up to the point we were no longer willing to hold him. He became pretty prominent here around. Even though we didn’t call out we also didn’t make a big secret out of the fact we had a slave and who it was. So many girls like the thrill to talk to a real sex slave and some of them take him to experience what it is all about to have a slave at least for one night. So, what do you think  is he a lucky guy?

It was nice to talk to you again …. Will you answer too, boy?



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