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 投稿者:Sexiconメール  投稿日:2006年 9月19日(火)02時33分5秒
  Anna, you're back!!! What a joyful event. Glad you are back so there can be conversation with you, because there is no conversation without you. Could not get responses from males. Maybe women do run the world after all. I know you would not want me to think like that. I am trying to get a copy of the book by Shozo Numa on "Yapoo, Human Animal". I understand that it was a best seller in Japan. I must read it, even if I have to learn Japanese. How are you and your two gorgeous women friends doing with the new yapoo you acquired this year. Is he teachable, and what have you learned so far? Was the experience of Naomi of any help to you in your treatment of the new Yapoo with you in Germany? I hope I am not being nosey, but I am curious to hear something, only what you are willing to share. I really feel good that you are back.  

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