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 投稿者:L  投稿日:2006年 6月23日(金)16時02分35秒
  Yapoo novel

"the colors of my food and my drink are exactly those which are appropriate to me. "This color is the yellow. Yellow of the skin not of a man but of a yapou. This food and this drink are the shit and the piss of the gods blancs.L' advances civilisationnelle EHS, in addition to the political domination of the women, is noted in the fact that its social organization is built around the problem of the treatment of its waste. So only we could prevail ourselves such wonders! Treatment of the excrements of the white providing to the two other components of this world - black slaves and yapous - a variable share of their food. To such a degree that the excrémentielle production of the minority white is not enough any more and that it should be duplicated... This system of recycling called "to three colors" which represents in fact separation between the divinized white elite, the black working class and the nonhuman yellows coincides oddly with the social organization of India of the four varna (= colors). With the white, the black and the yellow, to be perfect, it misses in the world of EHS the red of the warriors. But in EHS there is well a warlike class (women with moustache in fact). Even if this population is not associated the red color. (In following volumes perhaps...)Dans this world, where the control of time abolishes the history, is carried out a curious historical pile-up in which are embedded the slavery of the blacks

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