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Japanese words

 投稿者:L.  投稿日:2006年 1月 9日(月)16時07分4秒
  Hi all yapoo fans,
Since I watched so many times of this Yapoo movies so I can catch some japanese words in movies.
I translated some words to English. I hope this may make you guys have more entertain during movie.

At first, I am sort of frustrated since I really want to know what Miss Naomi said in movies. So, I made research on Japanese words. You can see as followed,

Aiken- dog
bengi-urinal pod(toilet)
kimochi-feeling good
hiyagu- com'on or faster
Janto- perfectly, properly
Kirei- Clean
Na-me - Lick,drink
Na-sai-After Verb for ording to do something,
Shouben - pee
Tabe - eat

For example;
Miss Naomi always said in the movies after toilet use
"Kirei-Na-me-na-sai" - Lick it Clean
"Ta-be-te"= Eat it.

Let me know if you want to know more.

PS. Anna, Benjamin, redboy, Sexicon has very interesting comments. thanks to you.

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