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Obedience training

 投稿者:Anna75aメール  投稿日:2005年12月20日(火)02時23分6秒
  One point in my training was this: My slave was on his back on the floor. NOT tight up. I told him that I am going to squeeze the inner side of his thighs real bad and he is not allowed to take my hand away or disturbing me in any other way. There is of course a strong emotion to do so if pain don’t stop but increasingly lasted and lasted. At the first time he failed. He couldn’t withstand the urge to put my hand away. But we trained that again and again and now he has learned to repress those emotions. His body trembles, he is moaning, gasping and crying but he obeys and don’t disturbs me in my cruel job. Finally I could brand him without having him fixated. The goal for me was to teach him obedience. After achieving that, I reduced such “games” because giving pain is not what I really need. You see the principle in that, Sexicon? Then you will understand that  as my slave  I wouldn’t do to you what you are dreaming of but ask you to spit on the holy cross. I hope for you, my friend, this vision lets your concerns growing. Such obedience training is dangerous because Obedience becomes a strong emotional reflex. Means you are not longer able to protect yourself. So better you stay as you are and we continue our pen pal.

Mmmmmmmhhhhh Japanese. You haven’t read my messages correctly. I told you already that you would be then the 2nd one who could translate Naomi into English.

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