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my slave

 投稿者:Anna75aメール  投稿日:2005年12月19日(月)03時15分43秒
  Hi everyone, special greetings to Livestock and of course to my Sexicon. You know that I don’t really care if Yapoo is in contradiction to what religion ever. Naomi is a sweet innocent angel compared with the unbelievable misery religions brought/brings upon humankind. Saying this does not mean I don’t have any ethical principles. In opposite, I used to see me warm-hearted, helpful and friendly. Being a good friend etc. But yapoo showed me another side I can’t ignore. And I found this side in many of my female friends (more or less) and two of them, convinced single like me, are regularly using my slave next to me.

Two weeks ago I made the final step to get him completely. I visited him for the first time in his flat. After properly greeting me, I asked him to hand over his wallet to me. Actually, this wasn’t a big thing to bear him down. He obeyed almost without hesitation. But as I switched on his PC and asked him for all the passwords he did hesitate for a moment. Then in a begging tone he said “Please ….” And, as I didn’t say a word, after one moment more he finally gave in and whispered the password of his mailbox. It was the most exciting moment for all my life when I saw that the password was correct  and both of us knew that with his privacy also his person got broken. The whole day (night and next day too)  I felt like frenzy. Everything in this flat, including the slave itself, was mine. I took possession of all and everything. I saw what he had downloaded to his PC (as I had expected lots vids and pics about femdom) and also I found some reflections and phantasies about me. I read it aloud to embarrass him while he was allowed to see me naked for the very first time and lick me. He served me very eagerly, not to say ecstatic and indeed, I got the impression that he more and more felt fine with this situation. His position in our relationship was finally cleared up now and maybe it made him kind of free. As if he had found a homestead.

Benjamin has translated Naomi: “3. To women who have sadistic desires
Though this massage is also to myself, please don’t spare pains to sophisticate yourself, soul, body and knowledge.      Don’t force the slave to serve, make the slave to serve of his own will.  The first training for the slave is to develop in his mind the feeling that he is willing to serve and obey the mistress (you), even if he has to sacrifice everything and has to drop down anywhere for you.    It is important that you are worth being served and adored.”

And this is exact how I feel. It feels unbelievable to be in the eyes of the slave a real Goddess who is getting worshiped with devotion, nothing restrainedly, accepting that I am the “Absolute Existence” to him. Feeling adored in that way is a great excitement and everything I do to my slave is more a test of his devotion than the doing itself is what I need.

Do you think that my slave could be stay happy for long?  And me? What is with my ethic standards? Am I something like a butcher who says he loves animals?

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