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Awesome scenery

 投稿者:Sexiconメール  投稿日:2005年12月17日(土)09時38分58秒
  here is a scene near the end of Yapoo 33 just before the girl plays the piano, where a beautiful girl in dark blue skirt and light blue sweater does something beautiful. First she gives her worshipper her water. Then she seems to tell him that something is on the way. He responds with sounds of ecstasy and his whole body trembles. Then she infuses his mouth with her intestinal delights until he is FULL. Then she stands over him and observes him with the greatest tenderness as he chews upon her viscera. This action is clearly beyond taboo. A Shinto and a Christian can go beyond taboo in this way and enjoy it. But many cannot do this at all. There is nothing intrinsically wrong in the transference of internal viscera by consenting adults. The receiver is enriched in his receiving, and the giver is enriched in her giving. And if it is more blessed to give than to receive, then she is blessed indeed. He is blessed, but she is blessed indeed. Her demeanor in the video shows how blessed she is by her giving. She is so tender and even angelic. And he is experiencing awesome religious ecstasy as he ingests her "divine" deposits. That scene tops them all for his ecstatic receiving and her joyful giving. No force, but just pleasure with profound respect. How awesome to see her standing over him as he devours her ogun. Her two legs standing over his head is an awesome sight. Such a scene if performed in elegant surroundings could very well come within the scope of Shinto beyond taboo. Also Christian beyond taboo. But since a mass movement beyond taboo could not be embraced either by Shinto or Christian devotees, it is certainly conceiveable that many Shinto and Christian beliefs could break through taboo and find pleasures on the other side of taboo reserved only for the brave few who can cross the line without destroying traditional morality. The above paragraphs challenge Naomi's concept that those who cross the yapoo line are changed forever.Maybe she is right. But the kind of destructive yapoo practiced by Naomi can neither be Shinto nor Christian. This should not be taken as condemnation of Naomi. It should be seen as an attempt to shed new light on a subject not yet explored by any humans at any time in history. Naomi took us beyond taboo and discovered the unimaginable. She was brave in taking us beyond taboo, and for this we must be grateful. But the destruction of males is not the way to go with yapoo. A Shinto appreciation of the awesomeness of the female is a better way. The beginning of Shinto saw the female awesomeness in Pimeko/Himeko with her thousand female attendants and one male cook. She was the daughter of the Sun Goddess Ameterasu. Females were at the top of the hierarchy. How they got pushed aside by the males must be studied and corrected if possible. Females are still as awesome as Ameterasu.
Please forgive me, Anna, for being so Windy. I could not help myself. You still do something to me that I cannot understand. Like Sophia,you breathe energy and intelligence. I never thought I would or could ever write such things as this.

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