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 投稿者:livestock  投稿日:2005年12月 7日(水)03時00分19秒
  hi anna,
im back.A few days back, i saw a full naomi video that i downloaded from the usenet.it is not a yapoo clip. the name of the video is "palace of lapse."
The was one hell of a torture clip. Naomi subjects an unwilling slave to relentless torture and breaks him into submission. naomi looked very young in this video.God i still cant believe how cruel can she be.....his pubic and arm-pit hair was all burnt out and he was crying while she was raping him. this is the first video in which i saw naomi brutally raping her slave. in another scene, she beats him raw with a riding corp when he refuses to eat chewed up food.awesome picture quality, a must watch for her slaves

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