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FEMDOM Novice Trial Posting

 投稿者:daiyeeloong_73メール  投稿日:2005年12月 5日(月)20時27分9秒
  HI all,

I'm a submissive 32 male from the small island of Singapore whose career
is going rock bottom and would like to learn more about FEMDOM here.

I chance upon this wonderful site with all the YM shots and comming from a conservative Oriental society like mine, such deviant behaviours are often
frowned upon.

Seeking my local social escort agencies for PRO-DOms are so expensive.

I've never tried anything real-life so far and have utterly enjoyed myself reading some very in-depth postings of  our members here.

If anyone of you guys know of Sadistic beauties in Singapore, pls kindly let me know so that I can have my first time of real-life FEMDOM.

Thanks and may all of u out there  continue to give good postings.


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