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IF Japanese

 投稿者:Anna75aメール  投稿日:2005年12月 2日(金)04時37分57秒
  Sexicon, my deep thinking/feeling friend! First the solution: If you were Japanese we would have one more beside Benjamin who could translate.

You are sweet Sexicon! It is kind of funny how wide spread the emotions of humans are. What for most people is extremely perverted is for you “making glorious deposits” “divinely love gift”. But one is for sure. You are heavy in contradiction to your Christian religion. If the Bible is God’s word (what your religion say), then for this God are women in general impure. How can you live with that? How will you explain to HIM that HE is wrong? More! That their shit is even a divinely love gift? Do you think your God will listen to you?

Sorry, Sexicon, I was sarcastically. But when I see that the Islam and Jewish people have the same Old Testament like the Christians and when I see all over the world what people do in the name of God, then this God must be an idiot or his believers. (Grrrr I am getting in rage) Take away from the Old Testament what is hatred, nonsense, aggrandizement of war, mistreatment of women or just childish envy (oblation) and you will have an empty book, a God of nothing.
Women are for real. And if you adore their womanhood, their beauty, their behaviour as the expression of their KAMI than at least you don’t dedicate your being to a fiction some old men have created some thousand years ago. I think, Sexicon, in your mind you are already more Shinto than Christian. I like this religion also better. It gives the freedom to decide in what you see the grace of God and don’t ask to follow those men who have to make a knot in their brain to see in the bible a loving God. Hee hee he loved his human children that much that he didn’t drown 2 of them WOW. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaa otherwise he would have kicked ass his own religion.

OK, Sexicon, you wrote: “as she lowered herself ON the receiver to give her gifts to him. I see that as worship of the KAMI IN females. To behold the beauty of the goddess at such close range must be the ultimate IN worship. And to eat the gifts of the goddess is beyond worship.”

You asked if in my eyes your interpretation makes sense or nonsense. I understand that it is for you beyond any imagination to think that a Goddess is partly disgusting. As we are talking about her shit, your view is unusual but not nonsense. It has kind of logic to adore a Goddess complete and not just partly. Nonsense (but very usual) is for me to name a warlord and killer a peacemaker. But this you didn’t ask me.

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