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 投稿者:Sexiconメール  投稿日:2005年11月30日(水)10時08分16秒
  Dear Anna,
While waiting for your response to my last letter, may I make another point?
Naomi is daring. She had the courage to cross the threshhold and do something not done before, to make a Yapoo out of a normal male. She broke through the barriers and made a discovery that was not pleasing to her. She faced her own yapoo desires and wanted to believe that this was not really Naomi with such desires. But she eventually concluded that the yapoo experience changed her forever. It changed Rintarou, but it also changed her as well. That's a powerful admission and very honest. I am not sure that I agree with her that the results of the yapoo experience for male and female are irreversible. I would like to think that one can return to the person he/she was before the yapoo experience.
Also, Rintarou was into a worship experience when he was ravishing the lush deposits from Rumi in YM 35. He moaned with ecstasy as she gently pressed down her love gifts into the mouth of Rintarou. He was getting all of it, and he moaned with delight and shook his head as she gave her self to him. He was in "heaven". When you hear the sounds coming from Rumi, you know that she is putting out something wonderful to Rintarou. And the sounds coming from Rintarou mean to me that he was in total ecstasy. None of Rumi's gifts were seen falling to the floor. This means that Rintarou was eating all of her. The camera did not get Rintarou swallowing Rumi's gifts. But imagination gave the full picture. I felt envy for Rintarou, wishing I had been in his place. To me, that scene was one of the best in all Yapoo filmdom. This does not detract from the performance of Naomi in her beautiful clothing and shoes making glorious deposits into the ecstatic male receiver in Yapoo 55. His body quivered with delight and anticipation as she lowered herself on the receiver to give her gifts to him. I see that as worship of the KAMI in females. To behold the beauty of the goddess at such close range must be the ultimate in worship. And to eat the gifts of the goddess is beyond worship. I can't find a name for such an experience. The actor can only act. The viewer must interpret. I have been interpreting in what I have been seeing in Yapoo videos. Anna, please help me to understand whether my interpretations make sense, or nonsense.

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