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 投稿者:Gever  投稿日:2005年11月12日(土)19時23分0秒
  Hi Anna

first I want to say again that youre amazing womem & I will  say it again & again.
In youre posts you are flattering to Naomi alot,
I also think that she's great but she is for me  an actress like Anjelina Julie that I can see on movies without have a real connection with her.
you in the other end  are more realistic to me ,I can read youre thoughts ,I can apply to you etc'.
so for me you are not less amazing than Noami.
I also belive that you bring life to this board & without you this board would still be in his first page.

you say that we never will see you shiting in a mans mouth .
my question is ,will you ever try to seat on a mans(your slave test for example)
mouth like you seat on a toilet bowl  & shit in it like Naomi does?

to aosuk
congratulations for your new movies ,I'm sure that thay are great like the others.

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