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To Jimbo

 投稿者:Anna75aメール  投稿日:2005年11月12日(土)06時47分28秒
  I will give a brief report someday soon. The whole thing is still strange and ambivalent for me. If you want to see the queen of dominance at work you still find nothing better than Naomies videos. Don’t just focus your eyes to the action see how she is watching her slaves. How brilliant she is acting toward her goal. The video #18 is one of the best in this aspect. Video # 48 has only a short episode with her but so amazingly. There is a young men  God such a poor guy  to the very beginning of his education. These Novice obviously wants to impress her with what his strong and muscular body can take. But with her natural dominant attitude and just e few words she made him panicky looking when she left him … her body waste in his stomach. Now I was thrilled as I saw him again in # 51. Almost a yapoo. I hardly could recognize him. Have you or somebody else out there seen this vids …. and are there more vids with this men? I think there must be more. Like a diary of “How to transform a submissive man into a yapoo”  

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