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To Livestock

 投稿者:Anna75aメール  投稿日:2005年11月12日(土)06時37分5秒
  The man in yapoo #18 was most of the time not caged or tied up at least not in a way he couldn’t stand up and say that he is through with that and leave. So legally we have to say that he paid “the price” willingly. Naomi also wants that her yapoo serves her willingly.
You wrote: “Don’t tell me that he is acting his fantasies out” and this is 100% correct. But, read what Naomi said! Her goal is not to help submissive men to act out their fantasies. In opposite, the process of transforming to yapoo aims to eliminate his whole existence and set in her will. So to the end of this process she is his absolute existence. What once was his genuine existence is all gone (including his fantasies) his new existence only wants to please his Goddess, so he does willingly what she demands. Even he has to endure cruelest treatments. If you think this is just theory, then think about what “Brainwash” means.

I admire Naomi that she is so free to talk openly about all this. We do lie on us. We shiver when we hear “Brainwash” but watch with cruel lust the yapoo videos.

As I am lately more involved in this subject (SM, cruelty etc.) I do more often talk about that with my friends. A few days ago I had such a talk with one of my female friends. A nice, open and friendly girl  you would like her. She confessed, that she once had a student-job in a zoo where she has watched how a python got fed with a living rabbit. First, she said, she felt pity with this poor rabbit that panicky tried to escape out of those glass-cage where the python lived. But then she got rushed over by excitement and gazed with cruel lust how the rabbit got caught, killed and devoured. Then she had to go to the restroom and masturbated about what she has seen. So we are … the human race …. Change it if you can.

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